Hand painted Charmeuse Scarf batik technique with wax and dyes. The Milky Way on a purple background 14″x70″ – $80

Hand painted Georgette Scarf. Pink background with Spring Leaves enhancced with gold resist. 14″x60″ – $70

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Hand painted Georgette Scarf with Leopard design. 11″x55″ – $60

Hand Painted Scarf on beautiful Jacquard in purple and grey 8″ x 52″ – $45

Hand Painted Pole wrapped Charmeuse scarf 14″ x 68″ – $80

Hand painted sheer scarf with tassels, stamped with Indonesian copper tjaps.  Brownish red background Size 11″x60″ $65

Hand painted sheer scarf with tassels, worked batik technique with layers of wax and dyes.  Blue background Size 11″x60″ $65

Hand painted abstract flowers and leaves on georgette, embellished with gold resist.  Brown background.  Size 14″ x 70″ $70

Hand Painted Scarf on beautiful Jacquard in black and red 11″ x 60″ – $55

Ice dyed Rayon Scarf in reds greens and yellows Size 84″x17″ – $80

Hand Painted Scarf on Sheer Silk – Poppies with a leafy background 13″x71″ –  $80

Hand painted Shibori Fuschia and Orange Scarf on Habotai silk 15″X78″ $65

Hand painted Crepe De Chine Scarf with Purple Flowers and Green Leaves 13″x71″ – $65

Devore Scarf hand painted with alter ego colors of orange and red 14″x55″ – $55

Crepe De Chine Scarf with geometrical design created with wax and dyes in blues and yellow 11″x56″ $70

Hand Painted Habotai Silk Scarf.  Milk Coffee color background with dark pink flowers and green leaves embellished with gold resist work on the background 58″x10″ – $60

Georgette scarf hand painted with day lilies and leaves.  Background embellished with green metallic gutta.    Size 8″x54″ $50

Georgette Scarf hand painted with an abstract design in orange, red and turquoise dyes 8″x54″ – $40

Crepe de Chine silk scarf multi color abstract 51.5″x8″ – $50

Hand painted habotai silk scarf. Beautiful large pink and purple flowers with creepers and leaves on a green background. A broad black border and the inside edge enhanced with silver resist.  Size 58″x10″ – $55

Sheer silk scarf with satiny motifs hand dyed with a coffee mocca color.  Size 8″x52″ – $40

Bright and colorful circles textured  and enhacned with gold resist on a textured red background Size 8″x60″ $45

Sheer silk scarf with satiny motifs hand dyed in a beautiful blue color.  Size 8″x52″ – $40

Hand painted habotai silk scarf with a multicolor background, textured with salt technique and embellished with silver resist flowers and leaves 58″x10″ – $55