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Hand painted Charmeuse camisole Medium size

Hand painted Crepe De Chine scarf created with wax and dyes with background dyed dark brown

Hand painted habotai silk scarf with pink and purple flowers, creepers and leaves on a green background.  Black border enhanced with silver resist.  Size 58″x10″ –

Charmeuse silk scarf with hand painted background and block printed with elephants and chakras in black embellished with gold.

Hand Painted Georgette scarf 15″x60″

Charmeuse silk scarf with hand painted humming bird, flowers and leaves

Cushion cover with traditional batik on cotton with wax and brush

Hand painted silk lamp

Chickadee hand painted on silk sitting on a berry branch

Habotai hand painted silk scarf with free hand yellow flowers, leaves and colored stripes interspersed with gold resist.

Georgette tasseled scarf with hand painted background and stamped with Indonesian copper tjaps 77″x13″

Crinkled georgette with pole wrapped shibori technique

Crepe de Chine knee length kaftan with ice dyed technique.

Silk scarf batik technique with overlay of traditional copper tjaps and dyes.

Devore scarf in rich blue color

Square silk scarf with ice dyed technique

Hand painted back rest of antique refurbished chair and matching raw silk seat

Silk cushion covers with ice dyed techique

Hand painted Georgette Ruana, ice dyed pole wrapped shibori technique. Medium Size

Rayon Lounge pants with ice dyed technique

Crepe de Chine scarf hand painted with Fall leaves on a multi color background

Crepe de Chine scarf marbling technique

Crepe de Chine Scarf hand painted batik technique with wax and dyes

Habotai silk scarf created with pole wrapped shibori technique.

Habotai Black and Fuschia Shibori technique 15″x77″

Charmeuse scarf with ice dyed technique

Silk scarf pole wrapped shibori technique

Georgette pole wrapped shibori technique jacket

Silk Scarf pole wrapped shibori technique

Silk Scarf pole wrapped shibori technique

Painting on silk of Lord Ganesha, the Elephant God.

Painting on silk of a Monarch Butterfly resting on a flower.

Painting on silk of purple Iris

Pole wrapped shibori technique jacket 

Ice dyed long rayon dress in blues and greys

Halter top stamped with Indonesian copper tjaps, embellished with black sequins and dyed black.

Crepe de Chine Hand paintedscarf

Charmeuse scarf marbling technique

Habotai silk scarf marbling technique

Habotai silk scarf batik technique using wax, dyes and embellished with gold resist

Habotai Blue Shibori technique 16″x75″

Free hand flowers without resist on blue background

Hand painted silk scarf with pole wrapped shibori technique. 

Ice dyed halter in shades of pink.

Charmeuse camisole hand painted with Magnolias and leaves

Breakfast set with leaves painted on silk and adhered to reverse of glass plate. 

Alcohol Ink painting of abstract flower on Yupo Paper

Alcohol Ink painting abstract on Yupo Paper

Alcohol Ink abstract floral with butterfly on Yupo Paper

Silk Halter top designed with marbling technique.  Tie at back of neck and around waist.

Organic mull shawl created with clamp resist and dyed indigo.  Size 42″ x 90″

Hand painted sheer scarf with tassels, stamped with Indonesian copper tjaps.  Brownish red background Size 11″x60″

Devore Scarf hand painted with alter ego colors of orange and red 14″x55

Hand painted pole wrapped Charmeuse scarf shibori technique Size 14″x68″

Asymmetrical Rayon Summer Top batik technique. Stamped with Indonesian Copper Tjap and dyed Indigo. Free Size 

Crepe de Chine Hand Painted Short Kaftan in ice dye technique.  Edges serged in black and kaftan dyed with browns, greens and marine blue.  Loose fitting in medium size 

Hand painted Habotai silk scarf with multi color background textured with salt and embellished with silver resist flowers and leaves Size 58″ x 10″ 

Hand painted sheer silk scarf with bright red poppies on a green leafy background Size 13″ x 71″

Hand painted sheer silk scarf with tassels worked in batik technique with layers of wax and dyed blue.  Size 11″ x 60″

Bright and colorful circles embellished with gold resist on a textured red background Size 8″x60″

Painting on Silk of a Red Poppy: Framed without glass. Size 15″x13″
Painting on Silk – Fall Leaves

Hand painted Georgette Scarf. Pink background with Spring Leaves enhancced with gold resist. 14″x60″

Hand painted Crepe De Chine Scarf with Purple Flowers and Green Leaves 13″x71″

Ice dyed Rayon Lounge / Casual Pants multicolor with elasticated waist.  Medium size

Hand panted Crepe de Chine multi color abstract design scarf. Size 51.5″ x 8″

Beautiful Jacquard scarf ice dyed in purple and grey. Size 8″ x 52″

Hand painted Georgette scarf in abstract design with vivid orange, red and turquoise. Size 8″ x 54″

Ice dyed Rayon scarf in reds, greens and yellows. Size 84″ x 75″

Organic mull shawl created with bound resist and dyed with pure Indigo. Size 42″ x 90″

Habotai scarf created with stitch resist and dyed indigo. Size 10.5″ x 47″

Hand painted batik Charmeuse scarf with wax and dyes on a purple background, the theme being The Milky Way, Size 14″x 70″

Hand painted abstract flowers and leaves on Georgette dyed with brown background and embellished with gold resist. Size 14″ x 70″

Hand painted Habotai silk scarf with bold pink and purple flowers, creepers and leaves on green background. Border painted black and enhanced with silver resist. Size 58″ x 10″